Rachael Croley, LCSW - Counseling and Enrichment Center
Thanks for visiting! Deciding to seek counseling is a big decision.  So many times when we are overwhelmed, stressed and hurting we don't know where to turn for help.  Counseling is my passion and I have a sincere desire to be an instrument to assist others in finding wholeness.  I often see people who get stuck in a situation and  their heart and home begin to deteriorate.  No one has complete understanding of why a person is subjected to pain, but I know there is hope.  Counseling provides tools to apply beyond the session.  Counseling is confidential and my office is located in a private location which provides a safe and comfortable environment.
As a Christian my heart is always pushing towards HOPE. Hope in knowing we are loved and carried through the challenges of life, although we may feel defeated and worthless.  Jesus seeks to rebuild what is broken and give strength to the weak.
I work with couples in restoring their marriage and have been trained in Recovery from an Extramarital Affair.  I do believe it is possible for a marriage to be restored following a betrayal.  I desire for families to be strong and healthy to give children every opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
Some of my deepest joys are working with teenagers and children in helping them work through depression, anxiety and family struggles.  A parent's heart aches when they see their child hurting.  Counseling is avenue to discover root issues of their behavior and learn new coping skills.
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